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St. Andrew Catholic Church
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We invite you to pray with our community, worship God, give thanks for the gifts God has provided and strengthen your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Christ centered approach to learning encourages responsibility, accountability, respect, and above all compassion for one another. We endeavor to instill within the child and the community a lifelong love of learning rooted in Catholic values and the conviction to follow them.

Reflection of the Week:​​​​​

June 16, 2024—Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Our readings today remind us that heaven is our true home and that we cannot make it there without God’s assistance.  

In our First Reading, the prophet Ezekiel foretells the coming of the Kingdom of God. We can see that Jesus is the cedar that will become refuge for all people. He will humble the proud, lift up the lowly and produce good fruit in the weakened. It is God who does the wondrous works. 

We often go through life wanting to be in control. We try to solve all our problems, as we think, “I can do it myself.” We cling to our own ideas by putting certain events, future plans or even day-to-day moments into a perfect little box, “This is the way I want it.” We can even push back in moments of suffering by trying to find every possible way to get out of it. We are “in control.”

Imagine what life would be like if we surrendered a little more. It is easier said than done — but, oh, how freeing it would be. 

What if we opened our clenched hands to God and said, “Thy will be done”? 

We would become free from attachment and more blessed than we could ever imagine. 

Only God can do all that He promised in our First Reading. We need Him. All we need to do is surrender. To help us on this journey of total surrender, try starting each day with a prayer of surrender, “Lord, I give You this day and all that You have in store for me, my family and friends.” With the guidance of the Lord, surely we will make it home to heaven. 
(Reflection by Catholic Stewardship Consultants)

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We warmly welcome you to our parish family. We invite you to worship and pray with us. We also welcome those in the Stratford-Rozellville area who are interested in the Catholic Faith. We have a group information series every year, but the pastor is happy to be of assistance for general acquaintance at anytime. Please feel free to contact the parish office at 715-687-2404 for registration or inquiries

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