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St. Andrew Catholic Church
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We invite you to pray with our community, worship God, give thanks for the gifts God has provided and strengthen your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Christ centered approach to learning encourages responsibility, accountability, respect, and above all compassion for one another. We endeavor to instill within the child and the community a lifelong love of learning rooted in Catholic values and the conviction to follow them.

Reflection of the Week:​​​​​

April 14, 2024—Third Sunday of Easter

In addition to celebrating all Christ did for us this Easter season, we also are reminded of how His sacrifice impacts our lives. 

Today’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus should be the center of our lives. This passage begins with two disciples realizing Jesus had just appeared to them. 

We can learn a valuable lesson from these disciples. To recognize Jesus’ appearances in our lives, we need to know Him. And the best way to know the Lord is to spend time with Him. It can start with just 10 minutes of quiet prayer a day and increasing that each week. We might begin by reading Scripture, books on the lives of the Saints, or even a decade of the Rosary. Yet the goal should be to carve out time each day, in a quiet space, for just you and the Lord. 

As the disciples mentioned, they recognized it was Jesus in the breaking of the bread. We, too, can know the Lord better through the sacraments, most especially the Holy Mass. The Eucharist is Jesus Himself — Body, Blood Soul, and Divinity. What better way to grow in intimacy with Christ than to receive Him frequently or to go talk to Him in front of the Blessed Sacrament? As we make Jesus the center of our lives through prayer and the sacraments, we will be able to recognize Him in day-to-day moments. 

As we are still in the midst of this Easter season, take time to think about what Christ did for us and the changes we should make in our daily lives to help us grow closer to Him.
(Reflection by Catholic Stewardship Consultants)

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We warmly welcome you to our parish family. We invite you to worship and pray with us. We also welcome those in the Stratford-Rozellville area who are interested in the Catholic Faith. We have a group information series every year, but the pastor is happy to be of assistance for general acquaintance at anytime. Please feel free to contact the parish office at 715-687-2404 for registration or inquiries

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