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St. Andrew Catholic Church
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We invite you to pray with our community, worship God, give thanks for the gifts God has provided and strengthen your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Christ centered approach to learning encourages responsibility, accountability, respect, and above all compassion for one another. We endeavor to instill within the child and the community a lifelong love of learning rooted in Catholic values and the conviction to follow them.

Reflection of the Week:​​​​​

July 14, 2024—Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Our readings today remind us to live our lives in total surrender to God’s care. 

The Gospel recounts when Jesus instructs His twelve apostles to begin their missionary work two by two. He encouraged them to take very little — a walking stick and sandals. 

If you can recall a time you packed for a trip, or even left the house for a day’s travel, you might remember making a list or packing days in advance. We tend to pack so we know we will be comfortable. 

If we extend this concept of “comfort” into other areas of our lives, we will most likely find a few instances where we ensure life is comfortable. It could be buying extra food at the grocery store, making sure we have the most updated technology, or even feeling safe in our bank accounts. 

It is not bad to have extra food in the pantry or a new phone. And it isn’t bad to save money. These things can be good when used properly. 

But what if we are looking to these things for comfort, security or even happiness?

Imagine if Jesus approached you and said, “Go out and do my work, but you can only bring a walking stick and shoes.” Would you be willing to surrender all the rest? 

A key component of living out our call as Christian stewards is total surrender. It is trusting in God during our best moments and our hardest. It is looking to Him for security, comfort and happiness. 

Reflect on the ways you might be looking for comfort in the things of this world. Tangibly find a way to become independent from that “thing” so that you can become more dependent on God.
(Reflection by Catholic Stewardship Consultants)

Parish Picnic

Sunday, August 18th, we will be hosting our St. Joseph’s and St. Andrew’s parish picnic at St. Andrew’s. The meal will be served at 11:30. Activities will include bounce houses, obstacles course, train rides, yard games, and music by the Balsam Road Ramblers. All parishioners and guests are welcome!
Come for food, games, bounce houses, music and socializing.

Please RSVP the number attending > Click here to register

New Member Registration

We warmly welcome you to our parish family. We invite you to worship and pray with us. We also welcome those in the Stratford-Rozellville area who are interested in the Catholic Faith. We have a group information series every year, but the pastor is happy to be of assistance for general acquaintance at anytime. Please feel free to contact the parish office at 715-687-2404 for registration or inquiries

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