St. Joseph History
In the late 1870’s a single German family migrated to Wisconsin, and settled on the North bank of the big Eau Pleine River. Eventually more families came, creating a thriving community known as the Weber Settlement or Webertown. They made their living mainly through farming and logging.

In 1884, it was decided that a Church should be built in Webertown. Mr. Mike Wagner donated the land, which today can be found on Equity Rd.. Members of the Catholic community built the tiny mission church during their rare amounts of spare time. This simple wood frame building was 24×60 and had an adjoining bell tower. It was completed in 1887 and named Holy Trinity Church after the settler’s home Parish in Trier, Germany.

Priests from Colby, Marathon City and Rozellville came to offer Mass several times each year. Holy Trinity eventually became a mission of St. Andrew Parish in Rozellville in 1983 and remained so until it became a mission of St. Joseph Parish. This enabled the faithful to have regular Sunday Masses.

One last Sunday in November 1897 the congregation set a goal to build St. Joseph Church in Stratford, being that a railroad ran through, and Connor Lumber Co., a sawmill, attracted many people. In the spring 1898, Fr. John Eisen presided over the laying of the cornerstone which would become the foundation for St. Joseph Church in Stratford.

St. Joseph church was completed in 1901. In 1902 the rectory was built and 100 ft. East a small school/convent was also built. In 1939 it was decided to erect a church/school combination and in May of 1940 the first Mass was said. In September of 1940 children began classes in their new school with six classrooms. By 1958 our enrollment reached almost 400.

The faith of our parish still flourishes. This brief history cannot begin to tell the whole story. Our human society in which God is present has many happenings and memories. May we continue to share them with each other and ask God’s blessing and continued guidance from generation to generation.

St. Joseph Catholic Church
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119200 Larch Street
P.O. Box 6
Stratford, WI 54484


122726 County Rd. C
P.O. Box 6
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